Beurrot by Kooyong Pinot Gris 2016
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Beurrot is comprised of two Pinot Gris parcels: the tiny original 0.24 hectare section annexing the Meres block, and the Beurrot vineyard planted entirely to Pinot Gris, which at 2.74 hectares, provides the majority of the fruit. The Beurrot vineyard is planted to a density of 5600 vines per hectare.


The grapes were gently whole-bunch pressed into old French oak barriques, where fermentation occurred spontaneously with ambient yeasts. The maturation period is ten months on yeast lees.


September was cold and wet and the predicted La Niña did not fully eventuate. The cold weather continued throughout October and November and the soils remained cool for longer than usual, resulting in a flowering period which was almost twice as long as usual. There was some reduction in fruit-set that resulted in lower than average yields.

Throughout the growing season disease pressure was quite high. While the season presented us with challenges, the diligence and hard work of the viticultural team ensured the health of our vineyards. We continue to produce our estate made compost and our fungal compost tea. Our knowledge of our properties continues to evolve, providing a strong foundation for future years.

Mild conditions and the occasional rain storm lengthened the harvest period. Picking concluded mid-April, for some of our blocks this was the latest they had been picked in over a decade. The wines are showing a finesse and coolness from the longer growing season, with great acidity and bright flavours. 

Tasting Note - December 2017

The refined and spicy nose gives precise aromatics of crisp apple, bosc pear and lemon peel. A cool and late harvest has delivered a Pinot Gris that is more linear and tighter in its youth. Showing orchard fruits, fresh ginger and rose water flavours, the palate is softly textured and finishes with a long, pithy lemony acidity. 



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Beurrot by Kooyong Pinot Gris 2016

James Halliday Australian Wine Companion 2018

In the past, this was an extremely ambitious expression of gris, given creamy seams by barrel fermentation, while clenched in the reductive bite of extended lees work and further oak handling-all efforts to stretch varietal limitations in the quest for minerality. While the wine was impressive, it did seem at a times a bit worked. Conversely, this is quintessential gris. No love has been forsaken and indeed, the wine still undergoes a wild, barrel ferment. However the skin-inflected bite of gris' apple and nashi pear and a lilt of jasmine and roibos, all cruising along a gentle coaster of assuaging phenolics, makes for an easier drink. Still among the riper gris at the top of its class.

93 points

Ned Goodwin MW

Degustation for Dignity Event, 13th October 2017

Made from two parcels of Pinot Gris grapes on the Kooyong property. The most arresting fact about this wine is that it is actually fermented in oak barrels. Granted they are old barrels and so they don’t mark the wine with any oaky flavours, but this technique allows the texture of the wine to engender an otherworldly creaminess which is vital to its devastating deportment. The fermentation is wild and the lees maintain their relationship with the wine for nine months and, during this period, the wine absorbs so much class and complexity from its surroundings it is incredible. This is a bold wine (not a giggly Grigio) and this is why Kooyong is using the Pinot Gris nomenclature on the label. It is gastronomic, aloof, contemplative and rewarding.  It is a PG for people who drink top flight Chardonnay. It is also one of the finest incarnations of this grape I have ever tasted out of Australia. 

Matthew Jukes

Wine Anorak UK, 30th August 2017

Taut and a bit pithy with nice bright grapey citrus fruits. Has lovely precision with a bit of stoniness on the finish. Juicy lemons on the finish. Nice stuff.

89 points

Jaime Goode

Jeremy Oliver, June 2017

Fresh and frisky, with a spicy, faintly floral and citrusy bouquet of guava, white peach and wild flowers backed a nutty, creamy yeast-derived complexity. Initially sweet and forward, its citrusy and faintly honeyed core of fruit extends with richness and smoothness over a fine, dusty spine towards a nutty, rather spicy and savoury finish punctuated by a tangy, brightly lit acidity. It has more than a foot in the grigio camp.

91 points

Jeremy Oliver

Winefront, 6th February 2017

Arguably one of Australia’s better known and loved pinot gris, by those that might call themselves pinot gris fanciers. Its track record is pretty good if you go by WineFront reviews too. Nothing fancy done here, just good grapes, smart winemaking, a know how with the variety. You could file this under pinot gris in the dictionary. Classic pear, pear drop, frangipani, honeycomb, candle wax scents, even a touch of oatmeal savouriness. The palate is deep in flavour but light on its feet. Soft and juicy, almost watery but let’s call it delicate, and with silkiness to texture that makes the wine feel refreshing and regal, in a way. It keeps you thinking it’s lush only to finish feathery and mouthwatering. It’s excellent, really.

94 points

Mike Bennie

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